THE country’s tourism industry is suffering from a lack of government financial assistance and law and order issues, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill told parliament yesterday.
He said his government, through the Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority, was trying to encourage tourism.
He said the government was increasing national and internal security by recruiting more policemen and had declared several “tourist towns”.
He said these were towns where international visitors could fly straight to the provinces, by-passing places like Port Moresby and other trouble spots.
O’Neill said a number of expatriate hotel managers in the country had been summoned to the Department of Immigration over their alleged racist and discriminatory attitudes.
“If there is evidence of racial slander on citizens by foreigners, then, they are in the wrong country and they have to go back to where they belong,” he said.
Wewak MP Dr Moses Manwau had told parliament that certain hotel managers in the country had been using racist language and showed a lack of respect for
citizens, including leaders.
He asked what the government was doing to improve the tourism industry.
Manwau also wanted to know what measures were in place on the recruitment of foreign managers when there were many Papua New Guineans around who were capable of managing such facilities.
O’Neill said racially discriminatory remarks and actions would not be tolerated