WASTE management is now a multi-million kina business and private companies and business-minded individuals can take it up to make mo­ney, a researcher says.
Nalau Bingeding, a research fellow at the National Research Institution, made the comments in Port Moresby yesterday while giving his recommendations on solid waste management to the Public Accounts Committee.
Bingeding said there was already interest in the issue but “there is a need to facilitate the idea to get the momentum going” and encouraged the NCDC to take it up as a business.
“Waste management is no longer a service that is to be delivered by municipal authorities through the use of goods and services tax,” he said.
“Waste management is now a lucrative business and people can start trading greenhouse gases on the carbon markets and generate electricity for sale.
“I have been approached by a member of a prominent business family in Port Moresby on the issue of waste management as a business.
“I was approached by a LNG customary land owner from Tari to assist him on the same issue,” he told the inquiry.
“To have a clean Port Moresby, we need a good waste management system that is environmentally-friendly, economically viable and socially acceptable.”