Thursday, March 22, 2012

Enga calls for probe into govt properties

Source: Post Courier, March 21, 2012


THE Chairman for the Enga Provincial Government Land and Housing Pisara Pambai urged the both the National Government and the Provincial Government to investigate serious allegations concerning provincial government buildings and land lost through corrupt deals in the province worth more than K6 million.
Mr Pambai, in a statement, called on the Government to urgently fund and send an investigation team to investigate Government buildings and land lost through corrupt deals by officers from the National Lands Department and National Housing Commission.
He alleged that people in Enga have scanned and forged signatures of the Commissioner of the Lands Title, the Surveyor Generals, and the NHC Managing Director and the National Housing Minister and the officers from the headquarters to accept bribery and make such deals.
“Officers in Waigani and Tokarara have accepted bribery and give titles illegally to occupants claiming to be public servants of Enga Provincial Government.
“The Enga Provincial Administration has lost houses and land worth more than K6 million through corrupt and fraudulent means,” Mr Pambai said.
He said the alleged public servants had bypassed the Enga Provincial Government and the Provincial Lands and Physical Planning Division and the Provincial Allocation Committee in the province.
“In my capacity as the chairman for the provincial housing and lands strongly condemn these thieves and those public servants involved should be charged and prosecuted. People have seen fit to demolish EPG houses and put up their own buildings without the approval of the Provincial Building Board’s approval. They refused to pay rental bills to the Government and moved into the houses illegally,” Mr Pambai said.
He said the alleged public servants went to the extreme of forging signatures and scanned land title documents and resold the titles of the EPG built houses and resold.
“Officers at the headquarters have assisted the alleged public servants in the practice and the people of Enga are suffering. EPG has lost houses in Wabag Town, Laiagam, Wapenamanda and Porgera districts. Therefore, the Government must intervene to prevent millions of kina of the province lost through such corrupt deals,” Mr Pambai said.
He said the houses and the land were given away in a ‘give away scheme’ so the Goverment must act quickly before all the government properties in the province would be lost in corrupt practices

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