Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Credit should go to MP Joseph, not Polye

sourec: yutok, Post Courier, March 7, 2012

I REFER to a Stephen Kikala’s letter (PC 15/02/12) commending the Member for Kandep Don Polye as being the proponent of the multi-million kina Mendi-Kandep Road Project. Kikala got his facts all wrong.
He is writing out from the blues or conveniently using this road project to lure votes for Mr Polye in the coming elections. The people of Kandep do not know who Don Polye has been representing in the National Parliament for the last 10 years as there is nothing tangible to show for in Kandep. He held senior portfolios like the Acting PM, Deputy PM, Works & Transport and now Treasurer but he has deliberately ignored this vital road linking Mendi and Kandep. The people of Mendi and Kandep are no longer fools.
The proponent of this road project is the first-term member for Mendi Open, Isaac Joseph. Three years back it was only a “paper road project”. Mr Joseph contributed K3 million as a counterpart funding – the main pre-requisite to accessing the funds. Leaders who put upfront counterpart funding are given priority to access these ADB funds. I was then the Projects Coordinator for Mendi Open. We had sleepless nights and walked in and out of the ADB Offices just to get this road project off the ground. We wrote several letters to Mr Polye to share the cost of the counterpart funding because the road would run through his home village but never received any response.
All credits are in order and due firstly to the O’Neill-Namah Government and Mendi Open MP.

George Kowi, Lake Popol

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