Thursday, March 22, 2012

Clean up our town

Source: yutok, Post Couireir, March 21, 2012
Three weeks ago we were in Goroka, the capital of Eastern Highlands Province.
We were very impressed with the cleanliness of the town but we found that much of the infrastructure in there needed improvements. For instance, that road network was falling to pieces in many places and the town authority needed to do something about it.
And we are sure, the Goroka Local Level Government will use the K15 million that was presented by the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to reseal all the roads and clean up the drainage system.
A week later we were in Kundiawa, the provincial capital of Chimbu Province, and what we saw was sad. The town’s roads had gone to the dogs although the people had cleaned up the place in preparation for the visit by Mr O’Neill.
Last weekend, we travelled to Kerema, the capital of Gulf Province, and we also found that the town roads were in a very bad state. We hope that the K10 million that was given by Mr O’Neill will be used properly to fix the roads.
It is true that not only Goroka, Kundiawa or Kerema are in this condition. All our major towns and district stations are run down. We are told by many people that in the 1960s, 1970s and early 1980s, the towns around Papua New Guinea were the pride and joy of the people.
All the roads were in good condition, the lawns were cut and kept neat and tidy and flowers and trees were growing in the right places. Everything was in their right places.
Things went wrong in the last 30 years. Very slowly the roads were falling apart, the bushes growing around the perimeter of the town were slowly moving in and were threatening to over run the towns and the people who were living there were quick to cut down the bushes and make their gardens.
We believe there are several reasons why the towns are going this way. Governments at all levels may have changed their priorities and have neglected their duties to look after the towns, including allocating funding to maintain those infrastructure and town services were not provided by the National Government or when the funds were given, the money was misused. Or there may not be good managers to run the affairs of those towns.
The situation with our towns have developed into a state where it will cost the Government millions of kina to rebuild everything and bring our towns back into shape.
It is pleasing to note that the PM is handing out money to the local authorities to fix their roads in the towns. It is important that the Government continues to provide money to first fix the roads and then all other services in the towns.
We need not remind the Government that the towns are the gateway to the provinces and this is where visitors come to when they visit a province. The first impression that they get of the towns speaks volumes for the place and people they are visiting.
It is also good for the people who live in the provinces. It is important that they must take pride and joy in their towns, for this will go a long way in building their confidence about themselves, the government system we have in the country, the government and the local authorities.

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