MANY people who take part in a basic business skills training have gone on to find employment in the private sector, an official said.
Some have used the knowledge they have gained by improving their small businesses.
The latest batch of 120 graduated last week at Joyce Bay, Sabama, Port Moresby – thanks to the Digicel PNG Foundation.
Yumi Lukautim liaison officer Lawrence Martin said 70% of the 800 people who participated in Ginigoada’s basic business skills training had gone on to do job training in various organisations and subsequently retained as permanent employees.
“You have been at the crossroads and Digicel Foundation and Ginigoada have shown you the way.
“The decision is yours – if you plant a seed and neglect it, it won’t flourish.
“With the basic business skills that you have acquired within the two weeks of training, go and plant a seed, nurture it and it will flourish,” he said.
 Martin encouraged them to stay focused and use the certificates to their benefit.
Speaking on behalf of the graduates, course participant Dorothy Lua said: “We have learned so much in these past two weeks.
“I am a mother who has a market stall and the money I make all goes to buying food for my family.
“Before undertaking this training, I had no knowledge of budgeting and the importance of saving in case of an emergency.
“I have learnt the importance of budgeting and saving and I am ready to put that into practice and improve my life and that of my family.”
Dorothy was also proud to notice the changes at the Joyce Bay community since the inception of the training.
In the past two weeks, she said youths there had changed their ways after taking part in the business  course.
“I used to walk down the street and youths would throw beer bottles and swear and often would get drunk and fight,’’ she said.
“During and after the training, nothing like this has happened.”