Monday, February 27, 2012

Please speed up overdue road payments

Source: yutok, Post Courier, February 27, 2012
IT IS imperative for the O’Neill-Namah Government to intervene to make road improvement payments to people living along the 20 meter corridor on either side of the road along the Sirunki- Laigiam Section of the Highlands Highway. The frustration over the delay in these payments has culminated into people setting up a road block along the Apanda to Lymala section of the Highlands highway in Enga.
The ADB funded road sealing by Lorma Construction has been completed and Works Department has failed to honour its commitment of making the road improvement payment by June 2012.
We the beneficiaries of the payments served several other letters to the bureaucracy of the department as well as several MPs without any results.
We feel we have exhausted every other avenue in pursuing this case, and now it is only fitting for us to seek the ultimate intervention of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and his deputy Belden Namah to exercise their prerogative to direct a speed up this payment as many old men and women who are beneficiaries of the payment are dying.
Their intervention would further cement the affection the populace have for them for delivering free education and free health care.
The last resort left is to completely shut off the said section of the Highlands Highway if nothing prevails come 2012 election time.
We stand ready to fight for our right tooth and nail if things never turn out as we desire.

Komson Nick Kome

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