Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kandep New Year 2012 Celebrations

A celebration in welcoming of 2012 new year was observed in Kandep District in the normal local way. It is celebrated with the so called Mud game and that was the case in some parts of the district. The photos below were taken in a location on the Marient Constituency. The end of celebration results in exchange of pigs and money between the male and female folks. This even results in a boy and a girl getting married as part of the post mud game celebrations. Mud game is normally in pairs between a male and a female where they each pick up mud and rub on each other's body except the face and head. This becomes also an avenue for a young girl and a boy to discuss plans to get married soon or straight after the game.

 Standing around fire place to keep them warmth after the mud game

 Scene after the mud game. Notice how once a muddy place has been really dried up after long hours of mud game, that is, getting mud with hand and rubbing on each others body.

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