Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kandep Feeder Roads Maintenance

As of Late January 2012, the maintenance works for all feeder roads in Kandep has begun with two separate crews working both day and night and on a 10 hours a day shift. To begin with, the Kandep station to Kambiya and last Last Wert road has commenced and the progress is expected to be at Marient catholic Mission as of this date. Critics are saying that money for these maintenance works have been discovered recently and non in 2011 and back, meaning to say that these roads should have been maintained long time ago. The author's personal opinion is that alot of time is being wasted while transporting gravel from as far as Lawe to take it to Marient. How about picking up gravel from Binn Mountain and better still from Pokeramanda. Observations reveal that only up to a maximum of 4 truck load is made per truck per shift and cost of fuel is very expensive too. The sad thing also is that, a excavator is the lone machinery used for this maintenance works without any grader and roller to ensure a quality work is done and durable, works done is worth the money spent. It is anticipated that not all feeder roads will be maintained within the short space of time until the elections.
Photography below are few shots taken when visiting the site at Kimblam.

Before the road Maintenance

Maintenance works that commenced on mid January 2012

This is the lone excavator that is at work 24 hours a day

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