Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Govt must be lauded for K480m road project

Source: yutok, Post Courier, February 15, 2012

IT gives me great pleasure to read of the announcement by the Minister for Works and Transport Francis Awesa to fund the upgrading and sealing of the Kandep-Mendi and Laiagam-Porgera roads under the Multi-Finance Loan contract which is co-funded by the Asian Development Bank and the PNG government.
The constituency is home to a world class gold mine managed by Barrick Gold and after 25 years of contributing millions of Kinna to the public purse, it is high time these neglected roads were improved.
I am very grateful to the O’Neill-Namah government for making these two historic projects worth K480 million a reality.
It will not doubt contribute to sustained economic growth for the agriculture and mineral sector in the long term.
Thanks are also due to the proponents behind the projects in the Kandep MP Don Polye and the Member for Lagaip-Porgera Philip Kikala.
We commend you all on making this a reality.

Stephen Kikala

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Below are photograph of the road connection where this money will be used

Laiagam Niung junction, road will take the right to Kandep

 Road will pass through Lyian road, this is section of the lyian mountain

Road will pass through Kandep station here

 Beyond Kandep station towards southern end is another junction, on the right is to margarima and on the left is the road link to Mendi.

At Kimblam is the final junction and both of these road leads to Mendi town. With this funding, it will take the route on the right via kondo, lakalap, winja, sopa and reach map in mendi where these two roads meet again.

Road will pass through Warakamb, Winja in Kandep

Photo courtesy of

This is Sopa bridge where road will pass through - Photo courtesy of

This is section of road after descending biiwiri mountain in lai-valley - Photo courtesy of

This is bii-wiri mountain where road will pass through - Photo courtesy of

Section of road before reaching biiwiri mountain while travelling from mendi - Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

This is the Meland bridge and up the top is meland village - Photo courtesy of

Section of road before reaching Map 1 village - Photo courtesy of

Wara Wapul bridge - Photo courtesy of

Wara Mendi bridge at query - Photo courtesy of

Section of road after leaving tende junction where road leads to upper mendi and Karints - Photo courtesy of

Will finally reach the existing road in Mendi, this is Mendi hospital and towards the edge of the photograph is the junction as was mentioned in previous photograph.

 This is Mendi airport


  1. Kaim, I love your photos and look forward to visiting Kandep some time in the near future. Best regards, Dr. Steve Kyakala

  2. Kaim Steve Kyakala; Appreciate your comments and feel at home during your visit in Kandep.


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