Sunday, February 26, 2012

Company records show 5 boat mishaps

Source: Post Courier, February 24, 2012
RABAUL Shipping, the company that owned the ill-fated MV Rabaul Queen which sank with hundreds on board three weeks ago has had five of its vessels involved in maritime accidents in the last 10 years.
This is also the shipping company that owns Kimbe Queen, the passenger boat that ran into a reef in Abau three weeks ago with 170 passengers.
This week the same ship ran aground on a coral reef near Kimbe with 34 passengers and is now docked at the Bialla wharf.
Works and Transport Minister Francis Awesa revealed this yesterday from a report he said he would table in the inquiry into the Rabaul Queen disaster.
Mr Awesa said there was also a report detailing discrepancies over the shipping operation but did not detail the latter because that report was due to be presented to the investigations and inquiry into the Rabaul Queen sinking disaster. Mr Awesa said that the report before him would be tabled to the investigation team.
According to the report, the ships that have been involved in accidents and sinkings in PNG waters in the past decade, specifically Milne Bay, East New Britain, Kimbe, Bougainville and now Morobe include MV Chris, MV Moime, MV Trader, MV Samazen and MV Kuanua and recently MV Rabaul Queen.

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