Wednesday, January 18, 2012

US couple help village

Source: Post Courier, January 18, 2012By  ANNA OMBA DWU journalism student
Health is one of the basic services that should be provided by the government throughout the country; however, most of the rural areas in Papua New Guinea do not have sufficient health facilities and buildings to help the people.
Mandan village near the great Wahgi River in the Anglimp South Wahgi District of Jiwaka Province is one out of the many rural areas that have never seen a government service since independence.
“We are fortunate because our clinic was built by an American couple who own the nearby Mandan coffee plantation Dr Larry Hull and wife Aarlie Hull who are also the managing directors for the Highlands Arabica Ltd PNG,” said Ralda Kuri the assistance plantation manager for Manda Coffee plantation.
He said he did not know about other places but it was the first time in their area for a company to provide them with such service.
“We are very happy to have this clinic in our area and we will make sure it has everything it needs to serve our people. All the medical supplies are provided by Dr Larry and his wife Aarlie, they send our medical supplies straight from America and they also send us money to buy the medical drugs to treat the patients. The couple even provide payments for our four staff which are unbelievable and outstanding,” he said. He said that this should be the government’s concern and priority but it lacked in helping the people.
Mr Kuri urged the government to ensure that rural places must have basic services provided and not other volunteers and expatriates for this could make it to be lazy and dependent.
He said the couple had also donated K100,000 to build a new literature centre with a HIV/AIDS centre or VCT centre in the area.
“We see that they have done so many good things for us and we believe that they will change our area. We are also ashamed of our government since it is their obligation to provide us these basic services which they have not done.
“We are appealing to our current MP Jamie Maxtone-Graham to help us with an ambulance so it will be easier for us to help our patients in critical conditions. Let us not put the entire burden to Dr Larry and his wife as we are Papua New Guineans let some of our needs be seen by our local MP,” said a concerned Sr Mary Yale from Chimbu, who is the officer in chage of the clinic. She said they had been using solar power for electricity but this was ineffective.
“We pray that God will continue to bless Dr Larry and his family in America for their endless support in helping and supporting the lives that were treated under this clinic,” said Sr Yale

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