Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Report election fraud to police’

Source: Post Courier, January 17, 2012
ELECTORAL Commissioner, Andrew Trawen, has strongly urged citizens to prevent and report election fraud to the police.
He said this in view of the coming general elections and preparations now being undertaken by the commission to implement the polls later in June.
In the Commission’s latest awareness publication Mr Trawen said there had been baseless accusations relating to fraud on the part of his officers from the last elections.
Mr Trawen said he did not want a repetition of these unproved accusations and urged mainly aggrieved parties, Members of Parlaiment and failed candidates to report what they claim to be fraud directly to the police.
Mr Trawen revealed a clear case involving claims of fraud by Wewak MP, Moses Manwau, against his officers which were never proven as per the Supreme Court that upheld his election.
He said Mr Manwau should have directly filed complaints of fraud with the police if he had any proof or evidence to back his claims.
“Since Dr Manwau has already made allegations in the media concerning bribery against elections officials he should report this to the police for investigations rather than generally claiming in the media that elections officials are corrupt and have been bribed,” Mr Trawen said. Mr Trawen said in total 27 election petitions were dismissed by the courts from the 2007 elections and 15 others withdrawn. He said currently there were no outstanding election petitions and there were only four applications for review still pending. He said the Supreme Court ordered only one re-count and the National Court three, plus the National Court ordered two by-elections.

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