Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Polye targets mind and heart

Source: Post Courier, January 17, 2012
Papua New Guinea has a very large unskilled young population that could become very destructive if left unchecked.
This is the area, Finance and Treasury Minister Don Polye’s new political party is focused on addressing with its top seven policies targeting a child inside a family home into an honest, law abiding, successful adult within a diversified economy.
Mr Polye made the announcement during the National Alliance Highlands bloc convention in Mount Hagen in the Western Highlands Province last Friday.
He said the party was looking at addressing normal day to day issues.
Though the party is already in place, it still needs to be named and registered during the party’s national caucus meeting in Port Moresby, tentatively set for next week.
Mr Polye said the aim of the party’s priority policies were to allow the country to move forward with the changing world and time with a good skilled population that would be instilled with good moral values.
The priority policies are: father; mother; childhood policy; skills development; housing; improved teachers and health workers salaries and conditions; law and order; improved implementation process; and creating a diversified economy.
Mr Polye, who has 24 National Alliance MPs now, is confident of scoring big after the elections to playing a major role in the formation of a new government with his new party.
He said the current free education policy was a strategy to achieve his skills development policy and it would remain.
He said the party’s major policies were targeted at addressing the human mind, and heart, which have been left aside for years.
“We are not perfect, but we should strive for perfectness. PNG is at rock bottom in the human index and we should look at ways to improve.
“The appalling development indicators are a sign of a bigger problem.
“There must be good governance.
“If we don’t do anything now to address the ever increasing unskilled young population, they can be destructive.
“But they can be constructive if we target them at the very early age.” Mr Polye said.

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