Monday, January 16, 2012

Paiam undergoes construction boom

Source: News, Post Courier, January 16, 2012
PAIAM town, situated several kilometres outside Porgera Gold Mine in the Enga Province is booming up with new buildings.
Porgera is known as one of the classic gold mines in the world, but despite that the local landowners are involved in many tribal fights causing fear and anxiety to the travelling public. The tribal fights have also claimed many innocent lives while properties worth thousands of kina were damaged.
Towards the end year of last one of the clan allegedly set up a road blocks and set fire to one of the heavy trucks owned by Wizzy Transport and Mapai Transport respectively.
The Enga Provincial Law and Order Committee held an urgent meeting and declared Porgera as a fighting zone for three months.
According to the local people in Porgera the mining company took the initiative to build new police baracks at Paiam to accommodate the mobile squad to beef up manpower to combat law and order problems in Porgera

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