Monday, January 16, 2012

O’Neill following grows in region

Source: News, Post Courier, January 16, 2012
There is growing support for the O’Neill – Namah government in many parts of the Highlands region.
NGO activist Noel Anjo while confirming this over the weekend however said he was also worried that not many of the population in the rural areas throughout the country are aware of the real issues affecting the country.
Mr Anjo said this brings in the need for more awareness to be carried out to educate the small people.
He said in Wabag, many people are now beginning to realize that the O’Neill – Namah government through its policies can now deliver basic goods and services that can finally ease their burden at least for sometime.
He said the Tongemas village near Birip station in Wabag which is Wabag MP Sam Abal’s strong hold are already rallying behind Finance and Treasury Minister Don Polye although Mr Polye is MP for Kandep another electorate in Enga Province.
The activist said this were the Waimba-Kumba tribe with an estimated population of about 800.
Mr Anjo said he was invited to the village to talk on the political issues affecting the country especially on what is happening between the Somare – O’Neill regime and learnt of the support O’Neill – Namah Government have in the highlands.
“Minister Polye’s great grandfather Tonges originates from the Waimba – Kumba tribe who got married to a Kandep woman and they both together had two children. Tonges moved to settle with the wife at Kandep where their great grand son Don, now senior MP in the country was born.
However, Mr Anjo said it is very sad to know that many people in the rural areas are not made aware of the issues affecting the country.
Mr Anjo has placed the blame on wrong information disseminated to the people.
He took time here also to inform the people of the policies of the new government - among them is the free education policy.
“Fight against corruption and good governance is other major policies of the government,” Mr Anjo said.

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