Monday, January 16, 2012

Mothers call for ban on alcohol

Source: Feature, Post Courier, January 16, 2012
Women Today...
WOMEN and children living in the Tent City — Bumayong area of Lae — have supported calls by their community leaders for a total ban on alcohol in settlement areas.
The group numbering close to 30 told this reporter that they had attributed the peaceful Christmas and New Year period due to the alcohol ban.
They reiterated calls to the provincial government to be serious in considering a total ban on the sale of alcohol in the settlement areas.
Chairman of the Ward Five law and order committee in Bumayong Sam Oyaya said they had spoken to a lot of women, especially mothers and young girls in their area who expressed their views openly about alcohol-related problems.
The group of women said the violence upsurge in the city in November last year had stemmed from alcohol related issues.
They said the three-month liquor ban and fighting zone declaration in the city had proved a relief to a lot of people with less or no petty crimes and other law order problems experienced, especially in the settlement areas.
They said that for settlement areas, people living there like women and children had had enough of alcohol-related problems and would like to live in peace.
One mother who requested anonymity said with the ban on liquor, they were able to experience a quiet and peaceful Christmas and New Year this year, compared with past years which were the worst.
“Some of the problems we have experienced in the past years have been domestic violence, assault, rape, wife beating and others, which are caused by people under the influence of liquor,” the women said.
They added that since the fighting zone declaration and alcohol ban, they had seen and experience a slight decrease in those alcohol-related problems.
They also said they have been able to experience a joyful and peaceful festive season, free from alcohol and other social problems.
The settlement areas they also mentioned should not be allowed by the provincial liquor and licensing board to sell alcohol any longer.

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