Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mobile phones promote sex crimes

Source: Post Courier, Friday January 20, 2012
By JACKLYN YALA, DWU journalism student
MOBILE phone craze in PNG has revolutionised telecommunications for the majority of the grassroots people of Papua New Guinea but there is also a very high price to pay for this advancement in modern information and communication technology.
Reports are emerging of more teenagers using their mobile phones to download pornographic pictures and materials while there is a disturbing corresponding increase in sexual offences involving minors and children as well as other related criminal or anti-social cases, practices and behaviour. It is obvious that the government and its relevant agencies do not seem to appreciate these very serious problems and are not doing anything concrete to address them. Police detective Yandasigi Richard Tanda attached with the Criminal Investigations unit at Moro police station in Southern Highlands raised these concerns at the Post-Courier office in Mount Hagen this week. He said many teenagers are using their mobile phones to download pornographic pictures and printed matter and are being influenced to engage in criminal or anti-social practices and behaviour.
Mr Tanda said he had observed an alarming increase in teenagers and minors in Southern Highlands engaging in sexual offences, which he described as “common” and often lead to conflicts between individuals and groups in the communities.
“Sexual cases involving children have become common occurrences and a major concern in the Southern Highlands province,” he said. Mr Tanda said he has been dealing with cases involving teenagers who have downloaded phonographic pictures and become corruptly influenced by them to commit sexual offences.
The cases included teenagers encouraging their peers and others to engage in sexual practices and behaviour, sexually penetrating minors or children and related criminal offences or indecent acts, he said

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