Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Leader urges people to choose good leaders

Source: News, Post Courier, january 17, 2012
There has been many election related violence and murder in the past elections in the Highlands region which resulted in many deaths and destruction to properties.
This was according to Ken Fua the chairman of Guidance PNG, a newly created organisation with an object to create fair and balance election this year.
Mr Fua said that during election periods, people democratic rights to vote were violated and controlled with force by other powerful groups and people like the women flocks freedom of vote were being undermined.
He said Guidance PNG would fight against hostility of human rights when it comes to exercising freedom of voting, this will ensure that there will be no weapons used or conflicts arise in the 2012 General Election. He said leaders are chosen by God and not forcefully appointed by people.
He further said that during their research, they have discovered that the provincial electoral office in Mt Hagen has restricted the new Common Roll.
At the mean time, the deputy chairman of the Guidance PNG raise a concern that more than 600 people in his village were being left out in the current Common Roll update including himself.
He said some provinces could also experience the same problem.
He urged the Electoral Commissioner to consider such mistakes before gazetting the Common Roll update

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