Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kandep Hosts Jubilee - CAF 50th Anniversity (1961-2011)

Source: from the author's visit to Kandep
The District of Kandep in Enga came alive over the 2011 Christmas and New Year 2012 celebrations. Apart from usual normal celebrations, two very important events took place during that time, that is, the “Christian Apostolic Fellowship (CAF) 50th year Jubilee celebrations” which commenced on the 7th to the 13th of January 2012. The venue for the celebration was at the Wiikam church at Kandep station and Christians all over the world d were in attendance for this very important occasion to commemorate it’s 50 years of existence in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. On the final day which is the 13th, countless number of pigs were slaughtered. Another of similar event took place at Kambiya in Mariant constituency took place at the same time where the Church opening ceremony for Kambiya Apostolic church. More than 50 pigs were slaughtered including a cow.  And yes, it’s 2012 and so rival candidates had to contributed money towards the two occasion, and the sitting MP, honorable Don Pomb Polye contributed K70 000 towards the CAF jubilee at Wiikam. Apart from these two main ones, New Year 2012 was celebrated with the usual mud games in the entire district with the exchange of pigs and money on the next day, that is, 2nd January 2012.

Below is a photographic display of the CAF 50th Anniversity (1961 - 2011).

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