Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Allow us to take our rightful seats: Sir Michael

Source: News, Post Courier, January 17, 2012
Sir Michael Somare, says members of his faction will not attend Parliament which is set to sit from 2pm today unless he is accorded his rightful place.
And he added unless the Speaker of Parliament, Jeffery Nape, allocates his rightful seat to him “we cannot enter the chamber of Parliament.”
This is the latest indication from the Somare camp which has shield away from attending Parliament on the basis that the Supreme Court ruling of December 12, 2011 reinstating him has been blatantly defied by the O’Neill-Namah faction.
Sir Michael revealed this when explaining his government had been responsible for starting the process of getting women nominated and elected to parliament under the Equity and Participation Bill.
“It is also my government that enabled the creation of Hela and Jiwaka provinces and we will continue to push for the women’s reserve seats if the Speaker can comply by the court order and allow us to take our rightful place in the government benches on January 17, this year,” Sir Michael said,
“If the O’Neill regime is serious about women in Parliament, the Speaker must immediately comply with the Supreme Court order to allow me and my members to take our rightful place in the Government benches of Parliament.
“I call on the public especially women to recognise the theatrics of the regime.
“To date the rogue government of Mr O’Neill have been manipulating information, they have not complied with the orders of the Supreme Court and continue regularly to violate laws of this country.
“On one side they profess to rid the country of corruption and instil good governance yet their behaviour contradicts all this.”

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