Monday, January 16, 2012

1.4 Million Kina for Lai LLG in Kandep District

..........Cash flow in Kandep.....................
Source: Authors' Observation during recent visit.
A total of 1.4 Million kina in hard cash was allocated last week to the Lai LLG in Kandep district by the sitting MP, honorable Don Pomb Polye. Early in 2011, about 1.3 million kina in cash was disbursed to the Wage LLG in Kandep also by the sitting MP. As per his speech during his visit from 08th to 11th January 2012, he will visit the remaining Mariant LLG after two weeks which is towards the end January or early February 2012. It is very interesting to know that such a huge amount of money is going directly to the hands of the people, in a way is good to maintain cash flow in the district. Interestingly, one can wonder if these kind of money be better utilized on something tangible, for instance agriculture, road infrastructure, schools and had that been the intended purpose, were there anything tangible projects done such as fish ponds, pyrethrum, wheat, rice farming etc. for such payments to be made.
The condition of the feeder roads to Kambiya, last wert, and back to Gini, road to wage LLG, the yapum Langap road and the Winja Kandep road are all in a deteriorating stage at the moment. The administrative center for the district is in the dark, can this kind of money be utilized in a mini hydro project to supply power to the district? Can the dump trucks roaming around doing nothing be utilized to maintain these feeder roads, at least to have a good access. Can the deteriorating sub-health centers, like Kambiya for instance be maintained with such money? Rumors are that money has been allocated to build these feeder roads which will start immediately however, it’s hard to reason out why these monies have been made available only this year and not in the previous years.
Atleast some amount possibly more or less than what was already allocated to the other two LLGs is expected in the Mariant LLG in the coming weeks and months before the nomination at least for the same cause, that is, no tangible projects but just handing huge sums of money in the hands of the people.  If little or nothing has been done, where are these monies coming from and how are the acquitals for these monies made. It can be said that thsi is the scanerio of a free cash hand out culture maybe for the better or worse, something everyone has to assess, analyze and reason out.   

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