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View Point on Current PNG Political Tussel

Source: yutok, Post Courier, December 19, 2011
Desperate solutions
Parliament House is not just any ordinary house. This unique building, located in the heart of Port Moresby, was built soon after 16th September 1975, when we gained independence from Australia by the government for the people to look up to it as the symbol of PNG’s independence. And it has remained the pride and joy of all Papua New Guineans and it has been the seat of our democracy for many years now.
So it was shocking to learn that the Madang Regional MP, Sir Arnold Amet wrote to Patrick Pruaitch to get him to instruct PNG Power Limited to cut power and water supply to the Parliament House.
Sir Arnold and Pruaitch, both ministers in the Somare cabinet, directed the chief executive officer of PNG Power Ltd Tony Kiori to effect the instruction.
We find this not only absurd, it clearly demonstrate what men who are desperate for power can do to destroy institutions to get what they want. We thank God, for PNG Power Ltd, has more sense than we expected. It refused outright the request. Among the reasons given, the one that struck us as the most important is that the Parliament is the highest law making institution in our democracy and it should be protected at all cost. Power to Parliament House, however, can be chopped but this only happen in an emergency like floods, landslide, war, riots etc. There is none of that right now.
Talking about riots, wars and violence, we are thankful that Papua New Guineans have refrained from taking the law into their own hands at this thime. We know of threats that have been issued, like the threat from one or two people from the highlands who are threatening to block off the Highlands Highway to traffic but the threats have remain just that. In Port Moresby, the rally at Waigani on Thursday was peaceful. We applaud the police for doing an admirable job, even at a time when the force has come under considerable public scrutiny.
What we cannot understand, and we are sure, many other Papua New Guineans too, is the report that the Somare cabinet was trying to call out the Papua New Guinea Defence Force. We are told that the instrument was signed by the Parliament suspended Governor-General Sir Michael Ogio. Is there a need for the army to be call out? No! Not at all! We applaud the commonsense that has prevailed at Murray Barracks.
We believe that desperate measures are needed at desperate times like now but the disconnection of power and water to Parliament House and the move to call out the army to solve this political power struggle are not the best way to solve this crisis. At this time, the public servants, especially the departmental heads and heads of statutory bodies, are having the most terrible time. Who do they report to? It is not surprising that they are going from one camp to the other, reporting to both “governments” in order to keep their jobs.
We commend the PNGDF commander and the CEO of PNG Power for the brave decisions they have taken. We know it must be hard but at times like this, PNG requires people in top management positions to be sensible and we, as a country, are proud that we have some around now when we are going through one of the worst and serious constitutional crisis ever in the 36 years.
Grand Chief, let young leaders rule
ALLOW me to express my personal view on the current political turmoil PNG is facing.
Firstly, let me ask — what is the Chief — so-called the father of the nation fighting to achieve in the last three months before the national general election.
The Grand Chief, you have in the last 40 years of your political carrier, led PNG through all circumstances up until today and people of this nation are enjoying the results of what you have created. You have ed PNG into history.
You are PNG’s Nelson Mandela and you have done enough. In the process of your political career, while being the prime minister of this nation, you have been hit hard with your heart problem which contributed to your ageing factor and now we can see that you do not have any physical strength to rule this nation.
However, we are now confused why you are still fighting for power when you have done enough for PNG and also that you are ill and still in the recovery process?
What you could have done after the Supreme Court ruling of December 12, is that you should have declared to the people of this nation saying, thank you to the Supreme Court, you former ministers, ESP government, etc for their confidence in you and you should declare your retirement at that time.
You should have called all members to go into parliament, and do a fresh election for the prime minister. I believe there would not be any problem like today. This is the only way you would have maintained your popularity and retire as a hero.
However, you are still holding on to power. We do not believe you might contest the ESP regional in the coming election.
Your time is over from colonial era to present PNG. Chief, enough please. let the young leaders rule.

Talyeth Tange, Port Moresby
The country needs a change in leadership now
PAPUA New Guinea has a lot of respect for Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare for what he has done for the country to bring it to where it is now. He will go down in the history books as one of the fathers of the nation.
Having said that and with due respect, I think he has had his time. He is just way too old to run the country now and he knows that. It’s beyond commonsense why he is just too adamant to keep clinging onto power and not let the young and charismatic leaders (whom the Grand Chief himself has nurtured) to take over. A good example is Sir Julius Chan. To run a country is not ones birthrigth. The O’Neill–Namah government which was made up of young and vibrant leaders in the last four months have came up with very meaningful policies helpful to benefit and sustain daily lives of simple Papua New Guineans.
It played a major role in exposing and fighting corrupt practices, something which successive governments have lacked big time.
We need a change of leadership, a new government and creative people to bring this country to the level it deserves to be.
Stray 5ive
Sub - City

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