Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Stop graft and deliver honestly

Surce: Post Courier, December 13, 2011

OUT of 182 countries in the world surveyed by the German watchdog organisation, Transparency International and released last Friday, PNG was ranked at 154th and regionally, it was ranked the most corrupt in the Pacific.
It measured how our successive Governments have delivered and the government institutions have performed to do delivery of goods and services to the people of PNG. It has found that the corruption has eaten to the fabric of our societies and as a result, the people who are living in the rural areas have not received adequate services and life styles have not improved since independence.
Successive Governments have come up with billions of kina budget during the previous years and on December 8, 2011, the O’Neill-Namah government handed down the K10.5 billion budget, claiming the budget targetted the poor. Well meaning pronouncements by the successive governments and the actual allocation of the money in the budget have never brought much tangible developments into the rural areas.
The money is diverted or worse, it is not spent at all to bring services to the people.
I agree with the survey’s ranking.There are so many loopholes from Port Moresby down to the 29 provincial governments and 89 districts. The money earmarked for the people’s benefit is diverted or not used in huge amounts and is lost on the way and there is no tangible developments reaching the people. Consequently, the bulk of the people in rural areas do not benefit. It is up to the people along the way, whether MPs, departmental heads, provincial and district administrators and everyone in the public institutions to work honestly and give the people their rightful services.
The country has made huge amounts of money from its wealth of resources. The onus is on the the delivery mechanisms to give back to the country.
These delivery mechanisms have to work honestly to serve the people. PNG will change only when the individuals along the way change from their corrupt practices.

Danny Gaun

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