Friday, December 16, 2011

Somare camp target House

Attempts to shut water, power supply to bring out O’Neill team
THE court re-instated Somare Government allegedly tried every trick in the book to lock out the populist O’Neill-Namah Government by ordering that all public utilities available to them be shut down.
This included attempting to cut water and electricity to Parliament but it now appears the public servants sworn on oath to serve the country have had enough over the last couple of days and could not be swayed by the order from Madang Regional MP and Somare appointed Attorney General Sir Arnold Amet.
The service providers simply refused to cut the power and shut the water supply to the peoples’ house, Markham MP Koni Iguan said yesterday, because the people’s house had no debts outstanding to both organisations.
Citing a letter from Sir Arnold Amet, dated December 12, Mr Iguan said the Somare regime tried to shut down the institution which runs the country by resorting to devious means which amounted to ‘sabotage’.
In his letter to his fellow MP Patrick Pruaitch, and copied to Mr Tony Koiri, CEO of PNG Power Ltd, and Mr Billy Imar, MD of Eda Ranu Ltd, and the MD of IPBC, the Attorney General and Minister for Public Enterprise in the Somare led minority government, Sir Arnold said: “I seek your instructions for the shutdown of power and water services to Parliament House.”
It seems the request fell on deaf ears as Acting Chief Executive Officer of PNG Power Limited, Lawrence Solomon gave an outright ‘no’ to the directive from Mr Pruaitch because the “current political turmoil does not amount to an emergency to warrant PPL to shutdown power services to Parliament House”.
Parliament is where all MPs are supposed to congregate to represent all the people of PNG and the O’Neill Government was in charge on Monday, Mr Iguan said.
Parliament re-elected Prime Minister Peter O’Neill on Monday and his 70 MPs have been holding court there for the past week and Mr Iguan said that ‘shutting down the power and water is denying the people of PNG their voice’.
Sir Michael, the court reinstated PM, has 37 members and a 21 member cabinet who was sworn in by now suspended GG Sir Michael Ogio on Wednesday, while the Parliament appointed PM O’Neill holds an absolute majority.
As a result, it has become difficult for Sir Michael to govern given the lack of numbers, a situation that has not gone down well with public servants, unions and ordinary people.
Mr Iguan said the directions given by Sir Arnold were illegal and further demonstrated the desperation of the Somare regime in trying to squeeze the life out of a ‘popular people’s government’.
Mr Iguan said Sir Michael was the man who agreed on the building of Parliament Haus in his Sepik mythology and to cut off the power and water was like cutting of the ‘supply of sago and sepik wara’ to the men in the house

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