Friday, December 9, 2011

Sir Arnold has lost touch with reality at home

source: yutok, Post Courier, December 09, 2011
THE Madang people have given their mandate to Sir Arnold Amet Arnold, you are a person of high calibre and standing in the community but what have you done for your people. Madang has seen a worst decline in all of Madang’s political history. Madang has lost its pride and joy as one of the most renowned and acclaimed provinces in the country and most probably, the Pacific. Due thanks to our current elected leaders of whom Sir Arnold is at the helm of.
I have been following up on Sir Arnold’s recent media stanza’s, which as a young Madang elite, am wondering why he is fighting over political spoils, rather than for his people and province, which has recently been given much publicity over its deterioration in infrastructure and crime and other major sectors.
Sir, why not use your skills and experience as a long serving public servant to negotiate funding both in country and overseas to help develop your province. That is where your focus should be. Look at ENB, which has some of the most committed leaders who have done their best to place ENB back on the limelight.

Chalang KGN, Backpage observer

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