Friday, December 16, 2011

Public sentiment with O’Neill

Source: Post Courier, December 16 2011
THE majority of Papua New Guineans wants to see Peter O’Neill remain as Prime Minister and that his Government sees out this term of the National Parliament.
If the street surveys carried out by Post-Courier, phone calls to radio talkback shows and reports from our opposition paper are bench marks to go by, then the majority of people in the country wants to see the back of Somare regime. In Lae and Morobe province, 50 percent of the people interviewed want Peter O’Neil to remains as the Prime Minister, while 30 percent called for parliament to be dissolved and fresh elections called and 20 per cent chose Somare as their preferred PM. In Rabaul, 80 per cent of the people interviewed wanted O’Neill to remain, 10 percent called for parliament to be dissolved and 10 percent backed the Somare Government.
Buko Esi, a resident at Hanta Compound in Lae, said if Sir Michael Somare had control over his young ministers and his son Arthur when he was in Government then we wouldn’t in a situation like this.
Mr Esi said they had a forum in the compound yesterday and many residents there expressed that they were very happy to see the backside of the Somare-Abal regime when O’Neil- Namah was voted in by parliament.
“This was deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court but we the people think the court did not have the best interest of PNG at heart when it made its decision,” he said. He said what Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare stood for when he led the country to independence in 1975 had all gone to the dogs when he allowed young ministers in his Government of nine years to systematically abuse the trust and misused millions of kina.

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