Monday, December 19, 2011

Political tussle spills into Enga

Monday, 19 December 2011 11:14 AM

Kulunga cautions Somare camp
The current political impasse being experienced in the nation’s capital has spilled into Enga Province. The frustrated locals set up roadblocks on the Highlands Highway in the province last Friday. Below are the ruins of the police vehicle allegedly set alight by the frustrated people at one of the roadblocks.
THE political tussle between O’Neill/Namah led government and Somare/Abal led team over the prime minister post has spilled into Enga Province.
Last Friday, the people set up several roadblocks to show their frustration when they heard that Wabag based Mobile Squad 11 that went to Port Moresby had searched Governor Peter Ipatas houses, threatened former National Capital District Metropolitan Superintendent Joseph Tondop and Acting Police Commissioner Fred Yakasa’s appointment by reinstated Somare/Abal government.
When the news reached the people in Enga, it frustrated them and they quickly set up roadblocks, causing traffic jam but the people did not harm and harass the public commuters.
Wabag police were informed of the roadblock and drove to the scene but the locals allegedly set fire to a police vehicle. Enga Provincial Administrator Dr Samson Amean, accompanied by Provincial Police commander Superintendent Martin Lakari, immediately visited the roadblock sites and told the people not to take advantage of what was happening in Port Moresby because it was national politics.
Dr Amean said the people in Enga must not take advantage of what was happening in Port Moresby as it would create disunity in the province.
He appealed to the people to co-operate and not to do anything because if they take advantage of the political turmoil in Port Moresby and cause anything, it would damage Enga and not Port Moresby. The people told Supt Lakari and Dr Amean that what Mobile Squad 11 was doing in Port Moresby was not good and called on Supt Lakari to withdraw them.
They also wanted Supt Lakari to arrange them to go to Port Moresby. It is believed that the Mobile Squad 11 from Wabag was flown into Port Moresby by the government.
Mr Lakari denied having any idea of them travelling to Port Moresby.

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