Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Police action irks O’Neill mob

Source: News, Post Courier, December 14, 2011
THE O’Neill-Namah regime has decried the manner in which they were treated by the police guarding the gates at the Government House, leading into the office of the Governor- General.
The leaders were forced to stop along Champion Parade and walk up the Government House Drive where they were met by police guarding the entrance who sealed the area with 44 gallon drums and formed a human barricade with some armed and others unarmed.
The 72 O’Neill-Namah members pushed and shoved with the police, who finally let them another 15 metres but were not allowed to enter the gates because the main entrance was locked.
Disgruntled MPs protested that they wanted to meet with the GG and the reception they received was uncalled for.
Others threatened to cut the chain sealed gate with a bolt cutter to gain entry.
Bulolo MP Sam Basil, after learning that earlier Jerry Singirok, Paul Bengo and Nuku MP Andrew Kumbakor were allowed entry with ease, demanded why police let the men walk in easily and yet pointed guns at the parliamentarians and refused to open the lock to the gate.
Kandep MP Don Polye said that he was embarrassed at such action by police in letting the three men in easily, saying that everything unfolded in front of the eyes of not only the media but the international community, including officers from Australian High Commission and other foreign embassies.
He said that such treatment against them was unfair.
The MPs demanded that police move in and remove the three men.
Finally, after several talks with the GG’s Secretary Tipo Vuatha by the MPs, Mr O’Neill was allowed to see the GG

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