Tuesday, December 20, 2011

O'Neill reveals plan to end PM dispute

Source: Pacific Beat speaks with Peter O'Neill, Created: Tue, 20 Dec 15:00:41 UTC+1000 2011

Peter O'Neill has spoken Radio Australia's Pacific Beat program. [ABC]
Peter O'Neill has spoken Radio Australia's Pacific Beat program. [ABC]

PNG's Prime Minister Peter O'Neill says he intends to introduce legislative changes forcing PMs to retire at 72.
The political crisis appears to have eased with Mr O'Neill securing the support of the governor-general, most MPs, the public service, the police and the defence force.
However, his rival 75-year-old Sir Michael Somare said he's determined to be returned as prime minister.
Mr O'Neill has told
Pacific Beat's Bruce Hill that won't be possible when the legislative changes are in place.
PNG's governor-general has met Peter O'Neill and his supporters, prompting speculation the leadership crisis is closer to being resolved.
In Parliament, Mr O'Neill announced that last week's suspension of Governor-General, Sir Michael Ogio had been lifted.
The speaker, Geoffrey Nape said Sir Michael Ogio had written a letter apologising for swearing in ministers loyal to the former prime minister, Sir Michael Somare last week.
Mr O'Neill and his supporters travelled to Government House on Monday afternoon to meet with the head of state.
A box of champagne was also taken inside.
Mr O'Neill said the meeting was a courtesy call to reconcile with the governor-general

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