Friday, December 16, 2011

O’Neill loved by people . .

 Source: Post Courier, December 16, 2011
By John Pangkatana
PAPUA New Guinea’s Parliament appointed Prime Minister Peter O’Neill is truly the “peoples” choice.
With his 75-man strong parliamentary members in tow, the Member for Ialibu Pangia is now riding a wave of popularity more that ever before.
Yesterday, in a humbling show accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Belden Namah, he braved the midday heat to receive a petition from prominent NGO leader Noel Anjo before a boisterous crowd of over 1000 people at Waigani yesterday.
‘O’Neill, O’Neil, O’Neill…’ the strong crowd shouted as they hung onto every word he said.
Mr O’Neill re-assured the people that 72 members stand undivided during this time because they feel they have been undermined for too long.
“They must be able to talk without fear or favour. Ol in no wari long ministry, ol i wari long ol laif blong ol man na meri blong Papua New Guinea (They are not worried about ministries, they are more worried about the people’s livelihood),” he said.
He said it is a time for a thorough clean-up of all the corruption that has been allowed to breed in our society.
“Opis blong Praim Minista i no blong wanpela man (The office of the Prime Minister does not belong to one person),” he said.
“Em taim blong Grand Chief long malolo (It’s time for the Grand Chief to take a break),” he said.
This brought on a huge cheer.
“Gavana Jeneral em tu giamanim mi na pipol blong Papua New Guinea (The Governor-General was not truthful to me and the people of Papua New Guinea),” he added.
“Em tu ating mas malolo tu, mi understand em nupela marit tu (He should also take a break as well, I understand he’s also a newly-wed).” Mr ONeill said.
This brought on a much bigger applause from a mixture of people from public servants to the general public.
Mr O’Neill said he was grateful to hear that there was no division within the police hierarchy and thanked the PNG Defence Force for playing a backstage role as well in this heightened scenario that has brought about a sense of instability.
He also clarified that Mr Tom Kulunga is the rightfully appointed Police Commissioner, dispelling any thoughts otherwise. “He has earned the position rightfully,” he added.
“We cannot change the Government by the barrel of the gun…it’s only through the corridors of parliament that we will prevail,” he said.

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