Friday, December 16, 2011

Kandep Teacher among injured by tree

Source: Post Courier, Decemebr 16, 2011
TWO teachers, one a headmaster of a primary school in Kandep Disrict are in critical condition at Wabag General Hospital after a tree fell and hit them at a bus-stop.
They were at a bus-stop when the tree fell. Other people at the bus-stop managed to escape unhurt.
The teachers are identified as Joe Beno, who is from Kandep and is the headmasters of Mang Primary School in Kandep District. The other teacher was William Owa from Ambum Valley who was teaching in Pombopos Primary in the Wapenamanda District.
The two had came to Wabag to get their fortnight salaries and return home to enjoy their holidays.
The tree at the bus-stop is said to be one of the big trees in town and it had fallen by itself, injuring the two teachers.
There were many people at the bus-stop when the tree fell down but all the people ran away except the two teachers.
For two hours after that, this part of the highlands highway was blocked by the fallen tree.
Some people helped cut up the tree and cleared it for traffic to flow again.
Meanwhile, members of the public in Wabag town have appealed to Wabag Town Authority to cut down some trees that would be of danger to people if these trees fell as had happened at the bus-stop to the two teachers.
They said these two teachers would be now enjoying the school holidays but were instead hospitalised and fighting for their lives.

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