Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Improving water supply

Source: Business, Post courier, December 14 ,2011
THE Ramu Nico installation team.
MINING company Ramu Nico is opting for alternative means of delivering water to the mine site in Madang.
The company recently installed a water powered water pump from Lae-based company LIFEasy TRU and now has a reliable and consistent means of filling their once empty water tanks.
Robert Wang, a company spokesman said that in the past Ramu Nico had no way of capturing the shallow water flow from the nearby river but the new water pump has changed all that. “This water pump works with no fuel, no kerosene or diesel and no engine, and only needs a 0.5 metre supply head to pump the water to our tanks. It can withstand heavy flooding, and if there is no water flowing, it will not break down. This pump is perfect for the PNG rural people,” Mr Wang said.
The water powered water pump sells at K15500 per unit plus fittings, pipes and other accessories.
LIFEeasy TRU boss Roy Bird said that the mining company had since ordered their second water powered water pump after seeing the results from the first one.
Mr Bird said both pumps will be supplying water to new houses built for relocated villages that are at the mine site.
“I believe that this type of water pump will be sold extensively throughout Papua New Guinea,” said Mr Bird.
He added he was confident the water pump will suit all rural applications in PNG.
“There are many good things about this pump, but one of the best is that it pumps 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at no cost. The pumps are easy to install and require no ongoing maintenance.”
LIFEasy TRU is also a supplier of solar lighting products.
Said Mr Bird: “ Using the free energy from the sun means there is no flame, and the lanterns do not heat up, so there is no fire risk and are safe for even young babies to touch without getting burnt. The lights and lanterns have no moving parts and will not breakdown. We have many dealers in PNG selling our products for us and earning their own income at the same time.”
LIFEasy TRU has a special offer for dealers which will run until the end of January, and every lantern sold will come with a free head lamp. “These new headlamps will suit many applications, from hunting and night fishing, to security firms and health clinics.”

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