Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Grand Chief Sir Michael respected Constitution

Source: yutok, Post Courier, December 14, 2011
WHEN the O’Neill Government took office by hijacking the rule of law (whatever their good intentions were) I was much chagrined. Even though I wasn’t impressed with the Somare government by any stretch, I contended that it was legal.
It was a legitimate government having won its mandate within the confines of our sacrosanct Constitution. Sir Michael’s majority was elected at the polls by the people of Papua New Guinea at the 2007 elections.
Tried as they might, the old guard of the opposition at that time, Sir Mekere, Sam Basil, Belden Namah, couldn’t budge the Chief from government while he was in good health.
They had to lie in wait until he was in a coma before attempting a most audacious and unconstitutional grab at his seat. And they would have gotten away with it had not been for the supremacy of our Constitution.
Realising the err of their ways, the illegitimacy of their government and the unlawful foundations on which they had raised an administration they began a deliberate an malicious campaign carefully orchestrated to discredit the head of the judiciary. It was a cheap and shameless attack coordinated under the guise of an anti-corruption banner.
The propaganda machine of Peter O’Neill, appreciating that the court would rule against his election, began delivering a near cargo cult ploy aimed at winning public opinion and support so that while it ostracised the judiciary and others that stood in its way to govern, it would nonetheless be applauded by the people. I extol Sir Salamao Injia for standing firm and refusing to budge.
The O’Neill regime was contradictory and hypocritical to say the least. It professed to be anti-corrupt.
It said it respected the rule of law, yet it could not allow the Supreme Court to deliver a judgment.
It blamed the Somare government for all our woes, yet its cabinet contained all the players from the last government. In a paltry subterfuge it attempted to consign all blame for nine years of transgression on three MPs.
The Somare legacy will live on.

Daniel Hasimani

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