Monday, December 19, 2011

Abal ready to step down for the sake of people

Source: News, Post Courier, December 19, 2011
MEMBER for Wabag Sam Abal has called for dialogue and is prepared to let go the Deputy Prime Minister’s position he is holding in the Somare regime.
In an interview with the Post-Courier at his Konedobu residence yesterday, Mr Abal said his decision is for the sake of the people and the country as it would be careless for national leaders of this beautiful country, if they do not consider certain sacrifices on either side.
“The time has come for us leaders to humble ourselves and put God and Papua New Guinea first because there is a danger of unrest unless all political leaders immediately come to a dialogue and break-free this political impasse now facing the country.
“The country cannot have two Governor Generals, two Police Commissioners, two ministers and two departmental heads. This immediately creates factions so I thought time has come before anything escalates,” Mr Abal said.
Mr Abal said, “I am prepared to let got the deputy position and for a Ministry, and allow for Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare to be free to consider ways and means to engage with the other side”.
Asked if a grand coalition by the two regimes would be a possiblity, an ideal idea to put an end to this political deadlock, Mr Abal said, “Yes, that’s what I am saying. That’s the only way forward and I have discussed this with my people of Wabag and they have accepted to help the nation. I have spoken to Sir Michael of my decision.”
“I have also discussed with church leaders for them to assist in facilitating the dialogue prayerfully.
“I hope my fellow MPs can make a firm commitment of the same to ensure that the current staff off does not continue. With the future of PNG looking brighter than ever this is a dark mark in our nation’s short history,” he said.
Mr Abal said the current political situation in PNG has never happened before and requires us all to make certain considerations, including revolutionary ways to bring a peaceful solution - yes our elections may be shaky at times and our parliament sessions aggressive.
“However justice, unity and democracy have always prevailed in this God fearing land. On our side we feel that the Constitution is supreme.
“I am sure the other side will agree and come together for us all to defend the Constitution I make the plea to Mr O’Neill and other leaders to graciously come forward and engage with Sir Michael,” Mr Abal said.

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