Tuesday, December 6, 2011

33 parties registered for coming elections

Source: News, Post Courier, November 6 2011

THERE will be more political parties entering the 2012 national elections than ever before.
Already there are 33 political parties – some have been registered in recent months and more are likely to be registered in the coming months as the countdown to the national elections starts.
The Office of the Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates yesterday predicted an increase in the number of political parties before the issue of writs for the 2012 National Elections.
A spokesman for Sir Kina Bona, the Registrar of Political Parties, told the Post-Courier there were 33 political parties had registered with his office including many of those active in the political scene at present and 19 others which did not have members in the current Parliament.
“We have 33 political parties registered so far. The information maintained in the Registry of Political Parties is updated on receipt of a written report, signed by the leader of the party and that’s where our statistics come from. We are expecting more before the election writs are issued but as usual they have to comply with the laws,” the spokesman said yesterday.
When asked if the office was aware that political parties were now going out to all provinces to recruit for next year’s elections, the spokesman said it was really up to the parties as they had nothing to do with their membership recruitments.
“We are here only to create and establish political institutions and structures to enable effective meaningful participation of people in the political life of nation building,” he said.
The political parties registered so far include: Christian Democratic Party; Papua New Guinea Country Party; Peoples National Congress Party; Mapai Levities Party; Papua New Guinea First Party; Peoples Party; Melanesian Alliance Party’ Papua New Guinea Greens Party; Peoples Progress Party; Melanesian Liberal Party; Papua New Guinea Labour Party; Peoples Resource Awareness Party; National Alliance Party’ Papua New Guinea National Party; Rural Development Party;
National Conservative Party;
Papua New Guinea Party; Social Democratic Party; National Front Party; Peoples First Party; Star Alliance Party; New Generation Party’ People’s Action Party’; Transform PNG Party ; Pan Melanesian Congress Party; Peoples Democratic Movement; True Party; Papua & Niugini Union Party (PANGU); Peoples Freedom Party and United Party

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