Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Upper Lagaip people cry for better road

Source: yutok, Post Courier, November 16, 2011
THE road between Laiagam and Kandep, leading to the home of Don Polye the Minister for Finance is really in a bad stage.Even the mighty Land Cruisers are struggling to travel on the road.
The poor people in the rural areas of Upper Lagaip River and Kandep district are suffering badly when they use the road to market goods or go to the hospital and other services at Wabag or the Porgera towns.The colonially built road and bridges have completely worn out and people of the areas are confused who will step in to fix them.The road is part of the Highlands Highway leading to Kandep and feeder roads built to Southern Highlands or upper Mendi.
There are thousands of people using this road but it is becoming inaccessible and most of them are badly affected.Mothers in labour and sick childrens are dying at homes, garden produce are rotting away and small business are suffering.Mr Polye’s plan to build a road has not eventuated and the people’s rights to service and use of good roads is denied. When will we enjoy good roads and bridges in the rural areas where the bulk of the population are?

Chief Mukali
Upper Lagaip

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