Friday, November 18, 2011

Police in Enga to monitor land case

Source: The National, Friday 18th November 2011

ENGA police are closely monitoring a dispute over a land between two brothers which has resulted in the death of a man.
Provincial police commander Supt Martin Lakari said the fighting at Waliya, the boom gate between the Enga and Western Highlands, was under control.
Lakari said anyone trying to take advantage of the situation by blocking the road in the Waliya section of the road in the Wapenamanda district would be dealt with by the police.
He denied a report that many people were killed during the fight over the ownership of the land.
Lakari said so far only one man was killed when the two brothers fought over the ownership of the land.
He said the conflict between two brothers over the land in which the boom gate was situated had already been dealt with.
He said when the contract to provide security at the boom gate was awarded to Vin Kunjil, his brother Michael Apetau wanted to benefit from the contract too.
Lakari said people took sides and started fighting although not all the tribesmen were involved.
He said there was no other fighting in the Waliya area and he engaged his officers to monitor the Waliya section of the road on a 24-hour basis.
He said the road was free for people who wanted to use it and police were monitoring the situation closely.

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