Sunday, November 13, 2011

Illegal Chinese ‘high-low’ game played in Enga

Source: yutok, Post Courier, November 11, 2011

THE National Gaming Control Board of PNG has banned the Chinese high/low game throughout PNG but it has been operating in Enga for two or three years illegally.
The police hierarchy in Enga seems to be entertaining this outlawed activity.
The PPC of Enga Province and the district commanders have done nothing to stop this activity from mushrooming in Wabag and Porgera towns.
A special police operation is also at Porgera but it’s being manipulated by the hierarchies’.
Can the police hierarchy of Enga explain what corruption is, and what is breaking of the law?
The Gaming Board, are you also aware of this?
People are confused, who will uphold the laws of this beautiful land.
Concerned citizen,

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