Sunday, November 13, 2011

IBS gets K66,000 to set up Enga campus

Source:The National - Wednesday 02nd November 2011

ENGA Governor Peter Ipatas presented K66,000 to the Institute of Business Studies on Monday so it can open its campus in Enga next February.
The funds will be used to buy a satellite dish and information communications materials and equipment to launch the new campus.
Ipatas said this partnership with the institute was timely for the province as members as of his assembly were in the city for other business.
“The way forward for Enga is through education and we will continue to invest in it no matter the cost,” he said.
“This money presented is going towards purchasing mate­rials to connect IBS via satellite from Enga.
“Enga’s vision is to become an education destination in the country like Port Moresby and Lae.
“We have the Enga Teacher’s College and the IBS initiative will complement us to see a university in the next five years.
“Politically, we are set, and the ultimate aim is to set up a university but we need to involve professionals in order to get there.
“And right now, we think that IBS has shown great courage to go into a frontier whereby nobody from most urban centres in PNG would want to go.
“IBS can go to other provin­ces and open up new centres or other provinces may put in more money than Enga but at the end of the day, it’s where our heart is.
“In Enga, education is a pri­ority and our heart is in it, that is the reason why we are driving all these initiatives towards impro­ving education,” Ipatas said.
He said it was his joy to see young children from his pro­vince graduate from tertiary insti­tutions with degrees and other qualifications.
Dean of institutional development Dr Mark Solon said IBS was grateful to Ipatas and the Enga government for their commitment in continuing to provide the best education for Engan children.
“Education has a special place in Enga and the recent National IBS Debate is an obvious result of that commitment,” he said.
“Education is growing in the province and we look forward to this partnership.
“Education is the way to the future and with your support, we can do that,” Solon said.
He said the institute would open
its campus in the province with two programmes – the Australian bachelor’s degree in accounting and bachelor’s in information technology.
“These two programmes will take three years to complete.
“The two programmes will give us the confidence in our progress.
“Other programmes will come in depending on the quality facilities maintained.
“An estimated 50 students will be registered for the two programmes which is a total of 100 in the campus and there will be four professional academics who will be on the ground to run the programmes that are of world class standard,” Solon said.
He said the programmes would be available at the Enga campus.

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