AUSTRALIA is helping to improve the business environment in Papua New Guinea by strengthening the Department of Labour and Industrial Relations (DLIR).
Australia will provide K1.7 million through AusAID’s economic and public sector programme to build a labour market information system and provide structured training and expert advice for staff in the department.
Acting head of AusAID in PNG Dave Vosen said the DLIR had an important role to play in creating the right environment for business to grow in PNG.
“The department enforces fair and equitable terms and conditions of employment and ensures that people are working in a safe and healthy environment.
“Having the right environment for business to expand in PNG will help create jobs and better livelihoods for the citizens of PNG,” Vosen said.
Department secretary George Vaso said the assistance would allow the department to better develop and manage its critical staff resources and provide more user-friendly regulatory systems that would help increase employment and business opportunities in PNG.
“This support will lead to the department being able to provide more accurate and up-to-date labour market data and better advice to the government of PNG for planning and development of policies for direct service delivery to the people of PNG,” Vaso said.
“The support will help us accurately forecast labour trends to assist other GoPNG agencies with improving planning for educational and vocational needs to meet private sector requirements for employment.”
AusAID’s economic and public sector programme will provide about K20 million in support of key PNG government agencies in 2011-12