Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Use Funds for our People's Benefit

Source: Letters, The National - Tuesday 11th October, 2011
THE practice by MPs to give cash from electoral funds to their electorates must follow procedures.
This will enable proper accountability and transparency of the use of these funds.
Direct cash handout is corruption which is no different from a government minister issuing cheques to the people or businesses.
A minimum of K10 million per district for a total of 89 districts amounts to K890 million every year and most of which are not properly accounted for.
There was hardly any transparency in the distribution of NADP funds in the past few years under the previous government.
If this government were to use these funds to up­grade or maintain our rural airstrips, our people in the remote villages will see real benefits instead of the many “verbal projects” we hear about but which never see the light of day.
Where competition in a certain area of the economy is already in place, there is no need for the government to get rid of it.
The politicians should now show the people of PNG that they mean business by using their money effectively for delivery of services, not to bring the country backward again.

Bob Makau
Port Moresby

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