Thursday, October 20, 2011

Road crashes deserve in-depth probes too

Source: The National -Thursday, October 20th 2011
I FOUND it really intriguing how much hype has been given to aircraft accidents than to road accidents which claim more lives each year.
It may be because an airplane costs much more than a motor vehicle.
But then, the value of a life lost through an air accident is just as high as a loss of life through an accident on our roads.
I wish the type and manner of investigations ac­corded to aircraft accidents are the same for road accidents.
The head-on collision between two 25-seater PMVs in the Markham Valley, Morobe, in January last year claimed 40 lives and injured 18 others.
In my opinion, this accident deserved an aviation-type investigation.
The only hype created was the graphic pictures of the accident on the front pages of our dailies and that was that.
Many lives are lost through road accidents than air accidents, either reported or unreported.
When will bodies like the National Road Safety Council become more stringent in carrying out thorough road accident investigations?
If that is done, our roads will be safer.

A Buassi

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