Friday, October 14, 2011

Polye calls on party executives to resign

The National - Friday 14th October, 2011

KANDEP MP Don Polye has called on the National Alliance party executives to resign before he starts preparing the party for the 2012 election.
Polye, the Treasury and Finance Minister, also advised party president Simon Kaiwi to refrain from making any more media comments because it was not in the best interest of the party eight months from the election.
“The party leadership is a dead issue. It’s a foregone conclusion,” Polye said.
He said the NA party constitution and the law on political parties and candidate in electing a leader had been completed and he was now the party leader.
“I call on Kaiwi and the four people in the NA executive committee not to make any more comments as it is contemp­tuous,” he said.
Polye said the parliamentary wing made the decisions and the executives’ role was to administer the party and not overrule the mandated members of parliament.
“The NA party in a caucus meeting in Jiwaka made a decision for the party.
“The speaker of parliament has recognised that decision and the courts have recognised it not once but four times and upheld the decision,” he said.
“Sir Michael Somare has not challenged my leadership and not even one member of parliament from the parliamentary wing has challenged my leadership.”
Polye said his main task now was to prepare the party for the election including a “cleansing” of the current executives Kaiwi, Thomas Bullen, Stephen Pokawin and Joyce Grant. Polye said out of the 40-plus MPs of the NA, 27 were with him.

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