I would like to respond to the comment made by Nickson Pakea (The Na­tional, Oct 12).
He was referring to my press release on Oct 3.
I reaffirm the content of my press release and his claims have tarnished the integrity and reputation of the Porgera Development Authority (PDA) and mine.
PDA is second to none compared to similar autho­rities in other resource provinces in terms of infrastructural developments.
It discharges its mandated roles and responsibilities effectively and efficiently.
This is evident through various tangible infrastructural developments in Porgera and Paiala since its interception.
The K20.4 million given to PDA in 2007 by then deputy prime minister Don Polye was a demonstration of the government’s trust and confidence in what the PDA had done so far.
If PDA had not deli­vered, why should the go­vernment give so much money to a non-perfor­ming entity?
If Pakea is living in Por­gera, then he would be conversant with the infrastructural developments deli­vered by PDA.
The Paiam Hospital, one of the best in the highlands region, employs experts and is wholly funded by PDA.
Many schools in Por­gera and Paiala have been established by the authority and many feeder roads in the area have been upgra­ded and are now accessible to many places.

Nixon Koeka Mangape
PDA chairman