Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NA top executives ousted from office

Source: The National - Wednesday, October 19th 2011

THE domestic squabbling in the National Alliance party has come to a head with a special general meeting on Sunday voting out the entire national executive committee.
The committee, comprising president Simon Kaiwi, public officer Joyce Grant and treasurer Tom Bullen, were voted out while general secretary Stephen Pokawin is likely to face the sack because he is not an elected official, Treasury and Finance Minister Don Polye said last night.
In their place, the group that met on Sunday elected Douglas Tamaresea as president, Charles Senile as public officer and Terence Pereni as treasurer.
Polye said the previous committee members were requested to attend the meeting in Port Moresby which comprised provincial executives, financial members and parliamentary wing members but they did not turn up.
It is uncertain what the procedure is under the party constitution and whether or not the registrar of political parties will accept the changes. But Polye said the “way forward” he had promised had been forged.
“Three quarters of the party’s membership, including the parliamentary wing, foundation members, financial members and provincial executives, turned up for this meeting,” he said.
“The meeting was properly conducted, minutes were kept and votes taken.
“What I have promised, I have done. We will reform the party to prepare it for the 2012 election. I am happy we have passed this hurdle.”
He said the parliamentary wing would make recommendations to the new national executive committee on the way forward.
This would include, Polye said, whether to retain the party name or to find a new one.
As to the membership of the parliamentary wing on both sides of the political divide, he said some would be sacked, some would be disciplined and others would be reconciled to the party.
Polye said while reforming he would also forge alliances with the current coalition parties, including Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s People’s National Congress, Deputy Prime Minister Belden Namah’s PNG Party, the People’s Progress Party, William Duma’s United Resources Party, the Rural Development Party of Moses Maladina, Our Development Party of Sir Puka Temu and the New Generation Party of Bart Philemon.

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