MEMBER for Wabag Open and former acting prime minister Sam Abal has been expelled from the National Alliance party.
This was a new twist where recently 20 MPs of the party were served similar notices by the party executives for breaking rank to join and form the government.
The expulsion letter written by the party national executives was hand delivered to the office of the member on Wednesday by the executives of the party.
Abal, who was away in his electorate, told The National yesterday before boarding an Air Niugini flight to Port Moresby that he was fed up with the games played by the national executives with elected leaders.
He said the national executives of the party elevated themselves to a place higher than the mandated leaders of the party.
He said the executives of the party were the ones that spoiled the party and deserved expulsion.
Abal said the executives of the party were not mandated leaders and did not have the powers to expel him.
He said if Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare was not present in the meeting conducted by the party executives to expel him, then that decision did not carry any weight.
Abal said the so-called party executives were only wasting their time.
He said he was yet to return to his parliament office and see the content of the letter and find out the reasons behind his expulsion.
He said he did not know the reasons.
Abal described his party as a very “strange party” and well known for sacking its MPs.
He said without a MP, the party could not be a political party and did not know why the executives continued to expel or sack its members.
He said he did not have trust and confidence in his national executives and would consider his membership.
Abal also said the party’s leadership issue had yet to be resolved.