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Kandep has oil and gas

Source: Post Courier, February 22, 2010
He was barely two years old but recalls seeing 15 left hand drive American made vehicles in his village. At that time in 1972, he did not have a clue what those vehicles and Americans were doing but now realises that oil and gas exploration activities were being undertaken.
Legend has it that Kandep, home of the Openas, is floating on a sea of oil and gas. While major oil and gas projects are being undertaken on the Huli side of the region, one Kandepian and his clansmen are adamant that his district is the engine room for oil and gas deposits in the country.
Muniah Ker Las Aku reckons Kandep in Enga Province has the biggest oil and gas deposits. Armed with a map printout of some geological survey undertaken some years back, Mr Aku walked into the Post-Courier newsroom to declare that his people want developers to go into Kandep.
He said the gas and oil developments in Southern Highlands Province were only leakages from Kandep, which he said was the core and mother of all deposits.
Mr Aku said according to legend, Porgera, Mt Kare, Kutubu, Juha, Angore, Gobe and Hides were all results of prophesies told hundreds of years back but the only one left to be fulfilled was Kandep.
Several company representatives have already visited the area to identify the oil and gas deposits.
Some drilling was also done some years ago but to date, no activity is visible in the area.
Mr Aku and his clansmen have been busy in recent months trying to lure a developer. He said when developed, Kandep has the potential to pass 100 years life span and will be bigger than the current multi-billion kina PNG LNG project in the Southern Highlands.
Kandep is part of the Huli-Opena region and is on the Opena side but shares the same border with Angore, Juha and Hides in the Huli side

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