Friday, October 21, 2011

Ipatas leading the way in PNG

Source: Post Courier, Friday October 21, 2011
THE ENGA provincial government under the leadership of Governor Ipatas is leading the way forward in human resource development in PNG.
EPG has formed Ipatas Foundation Inc last year to help children and the people of Enga to venture in education, business, sports, and debates, to name a few. In May this year, Ipatas Foundation signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Airlines PNG to train four young Engans to undergo pilot training in Australia every 18 months.
It was reported on the Post- Courier (12th May, 2011) that Ipatas Foundation Inc and Airlines PNG have ventured into a strategic alliance to provide opportunities for young Engans to pursue a career in the aviation industry.
The partnership with Airlines PNG will provide four young Engans an opportunity to undergo pilot training in Australia under APNG’s 18 month pilot cadet training program at K450, 000 per cadet.This arrangement, I believe, is a first of its kind in Papua New Guinea that Airlines PNG and Ipatas Foundation have taken. It is an eye-opener to other provincial government in PNG.
This is one of the many initiatives taken by Ipatas and his government. Since 1996, human resource development was the top priority by introducing and implementing school fee subsidy policy, free education policy, quality education policy and now Ipatas Foundation and signed an MOU with APNG.
Chairman of the Ipatas Foundation Isaac Lupari made it known to Enga students in tertiary and lower institutions in the country during the delivery of school fee loans. The foundation is encouraging grade 12 school leavers from secondary schools in Enga to seize the opportunity to undergo the cadet pilot training program.
It is also open to young people who have recently completed studies in other fields. We believe this investment will give young Engans a chance to fulfill their dreams and give them a decent start in life that they deserve.
The Ipatas Foundation will provide the financial support for their training through the student financial assistant scheme.
We thank Governor Ipatas, the Foundation Chairman and the Airline PNG for this great initiative. I believe the Enga Provincial Government has made the right decision to make an investment in knowledge and education as the centerpiece for their development agenda.

Joe Wasia, President Enga Students Association at DWU

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