Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Free education to cost K900m

Source: Post Courier, Wednesday 12 October, 2011

THE Government will fund its free education policy at the cost of K900 million next year, the Governor for National Capital District, Powes Parkop revealed yesterday.
He said another K600 million would be added on top of K300 million already set aside for implementing free education policy next year.
While opening a new building complex for six classrooms at the Ward Strip Demonstration Primary School, he yesterday said the Government was serious with the education of the country.
The free education next year will be for the students from elementary schools up to Grade 12 while the fees for the students in tertiary institutions would be subsidised.
“The government has made this bold decision because it believes in investing in the education of the people who will then transform the country,” he said. He said one of the interventions the government could think of would do was to invest in education that would transform the country.
Mr Parkop said the government allocated K300 million to start implementing the policy in January next year with another K600 million to come in later in the year. He said for the past years, a lot of money had been spent but less had been achieved so far that was why they changecd the government.
“We as a government we are trying to create more spaces for all the children, especially the out of school children running around in the villages to enrol,” he said.
He said with free education policy, the government was looking at creating more spaces for more enrolments for the children who were not going to school.
Mr Parkop said they were thinking positive now for their children how best they could take those children running around in the villages out of illegal activities they may engage in the future.
He said the Universal Basic Education (UBE) was declared to have all children educated therefore all children in PNG should be educated.
“To achieve UBE for all its people, the government has to invest more in education,” he said. Mr Parkop said this world was becoming modernised and for people to survive would be to educate them.

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